Traditional Thai Massage.


Incorporates palming, thumbing, stretching and pressure points over the entire body,releases blocked energy, increases awareness and everal vitality. Thai massages highly therapeutic, relives muscle pain and tension. Uses no oil and recipients remain clothed. 

Deep Tissue Massage


Firm and deep massage using specific techniques to release tensions, blockages and knots that have built up over time also releases emotional tension.

Swedish Massage


Massage with oils applied to the body with techniques such as gliding,kneading,rubbing,tapping and shaking. Improve circulation, Increases flexibility and induces relaxation

Sports Massage 


Deep Tissue Massage directed at muscle used in athletic activities to help the body achieve its maximum physical exertion, it buffers against pain and injury, it helps remove lactic acid and restore muscle tone and range of movements

Hot Stone Massage 


Massage using Swedish or Deep Tissue techniques and heated stones with warm oils to revitalize your body. Relieves stress, pain and increases relaxation 

Couples Massage 


A massage is provided to the couple by two massage therapist at the same time in the same room